Bitcoin News Web - Top Stories From The Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Sources (Page 139)

PR: Game Machine – Game Investments That Connect to the Cryptoworld (Bitcoin.com)
Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Crashing due to Governments and Their Irrelevant Decisions (Live Bitcoin News)
CFTC Slaps Fraud Charges on Three Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs and Companies (The Merkle)
Judgment Day! Conspiracy Group Claims Bitcoin Created by Rogue AI (Bitcoinist)
Pinnacle’s Key Features (The Merkle)
Tether Issued Its Two Billionth USDT Token Due to Seemingly Growing Demand (The Merkle)
The Bread Token Sale has Sold Out – The New Rewards Program Will Be Rolled Out Soon (The Merkle)
New Report: North Korean Hackers Stole Funds From South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Coin Telegraph)
Blockchain Rolls Out Trading Feature for 22 States in the U.S. (Bitcoin.com)
Blockchain Launches Bitcoin Selling Service in 22 US States (The Merkle)
Bitcoin Price Struggles to Remain Above $12,000 Once Again (The Merkle)
Jewel Amongst Cryptocurrencies (The Merkle)
Tax Loophole Found for UK Crypto Profits (Bitcoinist)
The 2018 Year of Cryptocurrency Challenge – Week 3 (The Merkle)
Bill Introduced to Make South Korean Officials Declare Their Crypto Investments (Bitcoin.com)
EOS Price Fails to Reclaim $15 but Bullish Momentum Remains in Place (The Merkle)
Indian Crypto Traders Getting Notices From Tax Authority Due to Unreported Investments (Bitcoin.com)
Oil Giant Shell Buys into Blockchain (Bitcoinist)
The Rise and Fall of Ripple is a Case Study in Mass Hysteria (Bitcoin.com)
PR: B2Expand Launches Its Ethereum-Based Game Asset Store (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin.com Launches Bitcoin Cash Notary Service (Bitcoin.com)
South Korean Exchanges Are Barring Foreign Residents from Trading (Bitcoinist)
Bitcoin Laundering Less Than One Percent of All Transactions (Coin Telegraph)
Indian Banks Suspending Bitcoin Exchange Accounts (Coin Telegraph)
Lightning Network Is Happening! First Physical Item Purchased on LN (Bitcoinist)
Onecoin Offices Raided in Sofia, Servers Shut Down (Bitcoin.com)
Zach Piester: Singapore Has Become a Hub for ICOs (Bitcoinist)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Asked to Provide a Clearer Cryptocurrency Tax Framework (Bitcoinist)
Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Rebound But Uncertainty Still Lingers (Bitcoin.com)
Retail Conglomerate Launches Online Mall Accepting Only MegaX and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoinist)
Blockchain is making way for all companies (The Merkle)
Bitcoin Exchanges in India Suffer From Frozen and Capped Bank Accounts (Live Bitcoin News)
Kaspersky Labs Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Created by American Intelligence Agencies (Bitcoinist)
PR: Retail Conglomerate Launches Online Mall Accepting Only MegaX and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.com)
Cointed Transparency Report: Company Structure and Ownership (Bitcoinist)
Buy&Sell: A Secure and Safe Digital Marketplace for the Blockchain Era (Bitcoinist)
Decentralized Video Sharing Platform Viuly Announces Token Listing on OKEx Exchange (The Merkle)
BitConnect Team Continues to Scam Investors Through BitConnectX ICO (Live Bitcoin News)
SEC Won’t Approve Any Bitcoin ETF Until Key Concerns Are Addressed (The Merkle)
Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Why Do We Fall, Bruce? (Bitcoin.com)
European Central Bank to Discuss Bitcoin and Blockchain With Youth (Coin Telegraph)
Over the Counter Investment Industry: OnPlace Announces Pre-Sale (The Merkle)
John McAfee Is Bullish on Bitcoin, Blames JP Morgan’s Mike Bell for Big Dip (The Merkle)
The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 4: Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Era? (Part 3) (Bitcoin.com)
Debunked: Top 5 Bitcoin Myths & Misconceptions (Bitcoinist)
QTUM is Proud to Announce the First Matchpool Developer Challenge (The Merkle)
EOS Price Inches Closer to $15 as Bulls Regain Control of the Market (The Merkle)
Lots of Optimism at the Miami Bitcoin Conference This Week (Bitcoin.com)
GDAX Will Launch BCH-EUR Trading on January 24 (The Merkle)
Franco-German Bitcoin Regulation to be Proposed to the G20 in March (The Merkle)