Bitcoin News Web - Top Stories From The Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Sources (Page 143)

ZED Network Eyes US$600M Remittance Market With Stellar-Powered Payments Platform (Coin Journal)
Korean Regulator Investigating Staff Insider Trading of Cryptocurrencies (Coindesk)
Another FUD String to JP Morgan Bow: Governments Will Ban Bitcoin, Mike Bell (Coin Telegraph)
5 Reasons Why January’s Price Slump is Nothing to Worry About (Bitcoinist)
New US $65 Million Bitcoin Mining Facility is Among Largest Data Centers in North America (Bitcoin.com)
Dept of Veterans Affairs Wants Industry to Propose Use Cases for Blockchain (Coindesk)
Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Nets $75 Million in Series B Funding (Coindesk)
TRON Price Rises Above $0.085 Again as Markets Rebound Strongly (The Merkle)
Report: South Korea to Decide Thursday on Crypto Exchange Regulation (Coindesk)
Cboe Bitcoin Contracts Slide 36 Percent as January Futures Expire (Bitcoin.com)
Alibaba Opens up to Crypto (Bitcoinist)
South Korean Officials Caught Trading On Insider Knowledge of Crypto Regulations (Bitcoin.com)
One Coin to Play Them All: A Startup to Make In-game Digital Currency Available on (Coin Telegraph)
Colorado New Bill Encourages State to Adopt Blockchain for Data Security (Coindesk)
Cryptocurrency Activities Will Be Legal and Tax Free in Belarus Starting in March (Bitcoin.com)
Report: South Korea Mulls Closure of Domestic Crypto Exchanges (Coindesk)
US Treasury Warns Investors: Venezuela’s Petro Could Violate Sanctions (Bitcoinist)
Blockchain Bloat: How Ethereum Clients are Tackling Storage Issues (Coindesk)
Austrian Bitcoin Miner May Seek an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2018 (Bitcoin.com)
Giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer TSMC Bullish on Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoinist)
Poloniex Displaying Incorrect Customer Balances, Experiences Customer Service Woes (Coin Telegraph)
GDAX Starts BCH Trading, Users Angry About Focus (Coin Telegraph)
Visa CEO: Bitcoin is Not a Payment System (Bitcoin.com)
Lightning Network Debuts On Blockstream Store As New Strides Announced (Bitcoinist)
3 (Possible) Reasons the Crypto Markets Tanked This Week (Coindesk)
You Can Earn Twice as Much from Video Content: NVB Announces Start of ICO (Bitcoinist)
Mark Cuban’s NBA Team Mavericks to Sell Tickets for Bitcoin “Next Season” (Bitcoin.com)
Amid Bitcoin Price Chaos, Industry Welcomes Two New Blockchain ETFs (Bitcoinist)
Ignite Engages Coinfirm to Boost AML Compliance During ICO (Bitcoinist)
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand: Major International Conference Dedicated to (Live Bitcoin News)
Project Districts Gears Up for the North American Bitcoin Conference following their (Bitcoinist)
Sweden Set To Become First Economy To Introduce Own Cryptocurrency (Bitcoinist)
Debitum Network Leverages Ethereum Blockchain to Deliver Game-changing Small Business (Bitcoinist)
Halong Mining and MyRig Announce Partnership (Bitcoin Magazine)
Hyperledger’s Behlendorf: 2018 Will Bring Breakthrough Blockchain Developments (Bitcoin Magazine)
Treasury Official: Department Working With IRS to Police Crypto Exchanges (Coindesk)
Bitcoinus – the Pioneer of Online Crypto Processing (Bitcoinist)
Local World Forwarders Harnesses Blockchain Technology to Improve Logistics Industry (Bitcoinist)
Ethereum Network Congestion Forces Exchanges to Halt Withdrawals (Bitcoin.com)
Will the new CBOE Futures Contracts Result in a Bitcoin Price Rise? (Live Bitcoin News)
Cryptocurrency’s Red Tuesday Firesale Leaves Everyone Speculating (Bitcoin Magazine)
Tether Prints Another 100m USDT as Bitcoin Price Continues to Decline (Live Bitcoin News)
Can India Become the Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency Mining? (The Merkle)
St. Louis Federal Reserve Reps in Favor of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin.com)
All That Glitters! De Beers Launching Blockchain to Track Diamonds and Other Gems (Bitcoinist)
Delphy Surpasses 100,000 Pre-Registration Mark for Its Predictive Markets App (Bitcoinist)
Startup Wants to Bring Blockchain Remake For Webcam Sex Industry (Coin Telegraph)
Proof-of-Work, Explained (Coin Telegraph)
New US Bill Seeks To Fight Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies (Coin Telegraph)
Qtum Forges Ahead with Development of Its x86 Virtual Machine and Expanded Network (Bitcoin Magazine)