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China Central Bank Identifies ”3,000 Fake Blockchain” Platforms – Law Enforcement to (Bitcoin.com)
Litecoin Price Prediction: The Bright Side to the Cryptocurrency Crash (Profit Confidential)
Cryptomarket Crash: Ethereum Shall Survive Despite Bitcoin and Ripple Crash (Profit Confidential)
Ethereum Price Forecast: Why 2018 Could Still Be Huge for Ethereum (Profit Confidential)
Xapo CEO Foresees A Single Blockchain To Move All Value, ‘Most Likely’ Bitcoin’s (Coin Telegraph)
Do Industries Need Cryptocurrencies? (The Merkle)
Blockchain Startup Cypherium Partners with IC3 for Scaling Research (Coindesk)
France Creates Working Group for Cryptocurrency Regulation (Coindesk)
[ASAP; Everest to Add Chart & Picture] Ripple Price Forecast: 11 Things to Remember Amid (Profit Confidential)
NEO Price Remains Above $145 As Other Currencies Continue to Bleed (The Merkle)
Mark Cuban: Buy Dallas Mavericks Tickets ‘Next Season’ With Bitcoin (Bitcoinist)
Shipping Blockchain: Maersk Spin-Off Aims to Commercialize Trade Platform (Coindesk)
Orioncoin Further Unveils Loyalty Program Blockchain Platform (Coin Telegraph)
New Cryptocurrency Exchanges Proliferate in South Korea Despite Regulation (Bitcoin.com)
Down 14 Percent: Bitcoin Charts Bearish Amid Asia Concerns (Coindesk)
Crypto Market Suffers From Uncertainty in Asia, Losses Up to 40% (Coin Telegraph)
Contest “Find the Crypto” (Coin Telegraph)
XRP Price Dips to $1.3 as Cryptocurrency Markets Take a Beating (The Merkle)
Dark Side Of The Moon: Bitcoin Sets Lunar New Year Lows For 3rd Time (Bitcoinist)
Stellar Lumens Lifted in Blackwallet Hack (Bitcoinist)
The Development of IoT Projects Will Never Be the Same Thanks to Hurify (Live Bitcoin News)
Just One Person Found To Have Caused Bitcoin’s Jump From $150 to $1000 in 2013 (Coin Telegraph)
Swift Signs Agreement With 7 CSDs to Explore Blockchain for Post-Trade (Coindesk)
France Appoints a Cryptocurrency ‘Mission Leader’ (Bitcoin.com)
Dubai Plans to Launch 20 Blockchain-Based Services in 2018 (Bitcoinist)
Companies Deny Having Bitcoin or Blockchain Services Amid China’s Clampdown (Bitcoin.com)
Some UK Mortgage Lenders Refuse to Serve Bitcoin Investors (Bitcoin.com)
Bitplay Club Announces the Launch of a New Spectacular Lottery (Live Bitcoin News)
LTCUSD Technical Analysis for 01/16/2018 – Triangle Breakdown? (Live Bitcoin News)
Cryptocurrency Trading Without the Complexities with Symmetry Fund (Bitcoinist)
The Futility of Government Bans – Bitcoin Always Finds a Way (Bitcoin.com)
New Report: Bitcoin Drug Money Laundering Is Highly Centralized (Coin Telegraph)
UK’s Guardian: ‘Mr Money Moustache’ Calls Bitcoin, Gold ‘Waste Of Energy’ (Bitcoinist)
Google Search Volume for Bitcoin Keywords Increased by as Much as 1000% During 2017 (Bitcoin.com)
Housing or Dotcom: Which Bubble Does Cryptocurrency Mania Resemble? (Coindesk)
How To Find The Next Big Cryptocurrency (Bitcoinist)
Coingeek Funds Terabyte Block Initiative for Bitcoin Cash With 3.6M Euro (Bitcoin.com)
When IaaS Meets Blockchain (Coin Telegraph)
Omnitude Brings the Power of Hyperledger Technology to Enterprise Ecommerce with Its Smart (Bitcoinist)
Disrupting the Freelance Industry with Ethearnal (Bitcoinist)
Russia: Blogger Who ‘Boasted’ About Crypto Wealth Beaten and Robbed For $425k (Coin Telegraph)
Is the Crypto Market Booming or Maturing? (Coin Telegraph)
Discuss Crypto While Promoting Peace – Have Lunch in Paradise with Roger Ver (Bitcoin.com)
Road to Innovation? Truck Giant Penske Joins Blockchain Group (Coindesk)
3D-Token ICO Attains Soft Cap and Launches Network Hubs’ Affiliation Program (Bitcoinist)
BlackWallet Hacked: Warns Stellar Community Not to Log In to Site (Bitcoin Magazine)
Toronto City Councilor Proposes Idea of Using Bitcoin for Property Taxes (Live Bitcoin News)
Luno Exchange Bank Account Frozen by Malaysian Tax Officials (Bitcoin.com)
Venezuelan President Maduro Calls For 10 Countries To Embrace His Oil-Backed Coin (Coin Telegraph)
Go for it! 50% discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines (Live Bitcoin News)