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Play2Live Announces an Eight-Man Hearthstone Tournament (The Merkle)
2 Million Revolut Customers Get More Cryptocurrency Access (Bitcoin.com)
NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex (Bitcoinist)
A 17th Century Mansion Is Being Auctioned Off on a Blockchain (Coindesk)
ZeppelinOS Software Launch Promises Easier Fix for Ethereum Contracts (Coindesk)
Mining Pool of Hyundai-Related Blockchain Platform HDAC Suffers Hack (Coin Telegraph)
SegWit Now Comprises Almost Half of All Bitcoin Transactions (Bitcoinist)
Stormy Daniels Plays Crypto Card to Trump Adult Industry Competition (Coin Telegraph)
South African Kidnappers Demand a 15 Bitcoin Ransom (The Merkle)
Podcast Platform Castbox Launches Blockchain Project to Reward Creators (Bitcoin Magazine)
Bayern Munich Star James Rodriguez Launches Own Cryptocurrency (Cryptovest)
Strike API for Lightning Network Went Live (Cryptovest)
First Bitcoin Mining Conference Hashes Over the High Cost of Energy (Bitcoin Magazine)
Chinese Exchange Launching Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub (Bitcoin.com)
Why the Travel Industry Needs Crypto-Driven Solutions (Bitcoinist)
NEO’s NEP-5 Storage Injection Vulnerability Is Less Severe Than Assumed (The Merkle)
Op Ed: The Benefits of Incentivizing Node Operators in Public Blockchains (Bitcoin Magazine)
10 Reasons to Be Excited About Essentia (Bitcoinist)
John McAfee Says Bitcoin Will Surpass $15,000 in June (Bitcoinist)
Coinbase Acquires Decentralized Exchange Paradex (The Merkle)
Noah Project: Travel Industry Ripe for Blockchain Innovation (Cryptovest)
Proof of Work Coins on High Alert Following Spate of 51% Attacks (Bitcoin.com)
BitGo Is Building Its Own Digital Asset Custodian (Coindesk)
Enigma Technical Analysis: (ENG/BTC) Looking For Support Ahead Of Testnet Launch Soon (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin’s Falling Price Nothing More Than Perception, Or Is There Manipulation? (Coin Telegraph)
Revolut Lets Users Invest in XRP and Bitcoin Cash (The Merkle)
Chinese Blockchain Accelerator Offers Startups $ Mlns in Subsidies (Coin Telegraph)
TRON Founder Reportedly Acquiring BitTorrent Inc. (Coin Telegraph)
Airdrop and HODL: LockTrip to Skyrocket After Unbelievable $500,000 Giveaway (Bitcoinist)
Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Would Cost Just $55 Mln, Result in $1 Bln Profit: Research (Coin Telegraph)
Native Video Box Collects USD 9.8 Million from Its ICO and Ranks Highly with Leading (Bitcoinist)
Singapore Warns Eight Unauthorized Token Exchanges (Bitcoin.com)
Chinese Blockchain Complex Offers Startups Millions in Subsidies (Coindesk)
Just One Crypto Bucked the Market Downtrend This Week (Coindesk)
Japan’s Money Forward Will launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange (Live Bitcoin News)
AirPod Synchronizing Pre-Sale Date with CryptoKonf 2018 (Bitcoinist)
Ukrainian ICO Publicity Stunt on Mount Everest Results in Death of Sherpa (Coin Telegraph)
$1.2 Bln in Crypto Stolen Since 2017, GDPR Will Hinder Cybercrime Enforcement, Report (Coin Telegraph)
Jimmy Wells, Special App, and Startup Oscars: This Year BlockShow Is Gearing Up (Coin Telegraph)
CheapAir Ditches BitPay For Open-Source Bitcoin Payments (Bitcoinist)
Celebrity-Themed CryptoKitties Take a ‘Cat Nap’ Amid NDA Lawsuit (Coin Telegraph)
Caspian Partners With Bitmex to Offer All-In-One Portfolio Services (Bitcoin.com)
US’ Fourth Largest Railway Company Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance (Coin Telegraph)
Porn Star Stormy Daniels Adds Crypto Rewards to Official Website (Coindesk)
German Stock Exchange Eyes Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Magazine)
Biggest Thai Bank Joins R3 Consortium’s Trade Finance Pact Marco Polo (Coin Telegraph)
Crypto Market See Some Green After Week of Lows, Bitcoin Price Hovering Around $7,500 (Coin Telegraph)
Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to Cryptocurrency Options (Cryptovest)
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview (18-25 May) (Cryptovest)
Top 3 New Joke Coins (The Merkle)