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MoneyGram Confirms XRP Integration Is an Internal Pilot Program (The Merkle)
Baidu Unveils Its New Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform (The Merkle)
Whistleblower Details Big Bank’s Plans to Prohibit Employees Owning Bitcoin (Bitcoin.com)
BTC.com Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Costs Through Dynamic Fees and SegWit (Coin Journal)
Cryptocurrency Markets Falling After Recent Rise, Most Coins In The Red (Coin Telegraph)
South Korea Announces Crypto Traders Could Face Fines Under New System (Bitcoin.com)
Can Online Gambling Ever Become Safe and Transparent Business? (Coin Telegraph)
Pay Up or Else! Indiana Hospital Latest Victim of Ransomware Attack (Bitcoinist)
Central Bank of Indonesia Warns Against All Cryptocurrency Use, Cites High Risk (Coin Telegraph)
Wonders of Naming the Company ‘Blockchain’ or ‘Bitcoin’ (Coin Telegraph)
How to Store Stellar Lumens: Best XLM Wallets with Reviews  (Profit Confidential)
Blockchain and the Rise of Transaction Technology (Coindesk)
Small Washington Town is Becoming a Bitcoin Mining Epicenter  (Bitcoin.com)
Six Months Later Bitcoin Cash Support Continues to Grow (Bitcoin.com)
US Treasury Secretary Addresses Anonymity, Sanctions And Digital Currencies (Coin Telegraph)
Another Stagnant Company Reaps the ‘Blockchain Benefits’ (Bitcoin.com)
Pinnacle Brilliance Systems ICO (Bitcoinist)
Calls for “Legal Bitcoin” in Ukraine, as Natsbank Mulls E-Fiat (Bitcoin.com)
Bank Indonesia: Do Not Sell, Buy, Trade Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin.com)
Kucoin Issues a Warning After Bitcoin Diamond Soars 40x and Then Crashes (Bitcoin.com)
7 More Serial Entrepreneurs, Blockchain and Crypto Experts Join Viola.AI Advisory Board (Live Bitcoin News)
Kraken Exchange Is Back Online After Troublesome System Upgrade (Coindesk)
Shopping on Amazon is About to Change for the Better with Zapit (Live Bitcoin News)
Brazil Regulator Prohibits Funds from Investing in Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin.com)
Communication Via the Blockchain with Experty.io (Bitcoinist)
Pax Crypto: Russia Proposes First Multinational Cryptocurrency, Expert Blog (Coin Telegraph)
Crypto Exchange Kraken Back Online After Extended Downtime (Coin Telegraph)
China’s Regulatory Authority Warns About Risks of Initial Miner Offerings (Bitcoin.com)
FUDsters Not Misinterpreted Microsoft Partnership, Responsible For IOTA Decline, Clarifies (Coin Telegraph)
Kraken Fails to Impress Users as Infrastructure Upgrade Continues to Cause Problems (Live Bitcoin News)
Big Money! Casascius 1 BTC Coin Sells for $28,700 (Bitcoinist)
Blockchain Platform Makes Internet Service More Private and Affordable (Coin Telegraph)
InsurePal Social Proof Insurance Announces Partnership with Mattereum (The Merkle)
The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 4: Crypto. A New Paradigm of Privacy and ID (Part 2) (Bitcoin.com)
How to Dollar-Cost Average Buy and Hodl Cryptocurrency Like A Boss (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin Becomes More Popular in the Media and Academic Circles (Live Bitcoin News)
Vitalik Buterin Releases Revolutionary New DAICO Model for ICOs (The Merkle)
Japan’s ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ Idol Group Performs First Crypto Educational (Bitcoin.com)
IOTA, Raiblocks; Who´s Next? Byteball! (The Merkle)
Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Is Decreasing, and That’s OK (The Merkle)
1200% Bitcoin Outperforms Dollar and All Fiat for Third Year in a Row (Bitcoinist)
What the Data Tells Us About Bitcoin in 2017 (Coindesk)
3 Web Giants That Could Be Decentralized on a Blockchain (Coindesk)
The Bitcoin.com Podcast Network Presents: This Week In Bitcoin (Bitcoin.com)
How to Buy XLM: Best Stellar Lumens (XLM) Exchanges with Reviews  (Profit Confidential)
Hodl the Chicken as KFC Introduces the Bitcoin Bucket (Bitcoinist)
Canadian Entrepreneur Seeks to Recycle Heat Generated by Cryptocurrency Mining (Bitcoin.com)
EOS Price Flies Past $18 as $20 Becomes a new Target (The Merkle)
The Twelve Billion Dollar Ripple Lawsuit Saga Deepens (Bitcoinist)
Crypto Derivative Platform Counterparty Is Coming to the Bitcoin Cash Network (Bitcoin.com)