Bitcoin News Web - Top Stories From The Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Sources (Page 3)

Krypton Capital Joins Blockchain Investors Consortium (Cryptovest)
Ashton Kutcher Donates $4 Mln in Crypto to Ellen Degeneres’ Wildlife Charity (Coin Telegraph)
Spain’s Central Bank Governor Claims Cryptocurrencies Present ‘More Risks Than (Live Bitcoin News)
Cryptocurrency Price Forecast: Trust Is Growing, But Prices Are Falling (Profit Confidential)
Chinese City to Use Blockchain In Fight Against Tax Evasion (Coindesk)
Bangkok Bank Joins R3’s Marco Polo Trade Finance Venture (Cryptovest)
Rumors Surface Regarding Bitfinex Having a Bank Account in Puerto Rico (Live Bitcoin News)
Logistics Giant Maersk Starts Using Blockchain Platform for Maritime Insurance (Coin Telegraph)
Commerzbank Succeeds in Processing Corporate Forex Deal on Blockchain (Cryptovest)
Ethereum price Needs to Find Stability at $600 (The Merkle)
The Bear Market Never Left, Bitcoin Down 25% in Less Than a Month (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Luxury Jets, Cheap Air Tickets Now Offered for Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.com)
Another One Bites the Dust: ShipChain Served with Cease and Desist Order (Bitcoinist)
Traders Think Regulatory Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Market Is a Good Thing (Live Bitcoin News)
Alabama Securities Watchdog Hits 3 ICOs with Cease-and-Desists (Coindesk)
Bitcoin Faces First Close Below This Key Long-Term Support in 2.5 Years (Coindesk)
Tencent to Use the Blockchain to Help China’s Taxman Authenticate Invoices (Live Bitcoin News)
New Betting Trends: Bitcoin Betting on eSports Games (Live Bitcoin News)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference II Promises to Reveal New Profit (Live Bitcoin News)
John McAfee’s Latest Prediction: Major Crypto Price Surge in July (Cryptovest)
ASKfm Reaches New Peak, Scales Everest (Bitcoinist)
Security Pros Expect Cryptos to Have Mainstream Presence (Cryptovest)
Billions of Dollars in EOS Lost? Six More Days to Token Lockdown (Cryptovest)
Czech Utility Company Introduces Crypto Payments (Bitcoin.com)
Pink Taxis, Red Flags: A Deep Dive Into a Sketchy ICO (Coindesk)
Blockchain Micro-Learning Platform to Help Students Earn as They Learn (Coin Telegraph)
Study Claims Cryptocurrency Values Based on Investor Sentiment (Bitcoinist)
Date Set: Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Will Launch 7nm Bitcoin Miner on June 6 (Bitcoin.com)
Norfolk Southern the Latest Railway to Join Blockchain Transport Group (Coindesk)
Singapore Proposes Regulatory Changes Which Could Green-Light Blockchain Related Exchanges (Bitcoinist)
Whale Watching: US Regulators Open Probe on Suspected Market Manipulation (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) “Adopted” John McAfee (Cryptovest)
Police Officers in Ukraine Caught Secretly Mining Crypto at Work for Four Months (Bitcoin.com)
Could Cryptocurrency Be a Red Flag for U.S. Workers Seeking Security Clearances? (Bitcoinist)
US: Shipping Startup Refutes Claims of Securities Laws Violations by State Regulator (Coin Telegraph)
Tezos Community Petitions to End the Class Action Lawsuits (Bitcoin.com)
The Record-Breaking $152 Million Battle Over Blockchain Betting Tool Augur (Coindesk)
South Africa’s Central Bank Calls Crypto ‘Cyber-Tokens’, Not Currency (Coin Telegraph)
TokensGate Enters Private Pre-Sale Stage – Introduces Blockchain Based Investment (Bitcoinist)
American Express Could Use Blockchain to Protect Clients’ Identities and Combat Fraud (Bitcoinist)
Shanghai Startup to Use Blockchain to Verify Wine Origin, Fight Counterfeits (Coin Telegraph)
Coinjar Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Supporting AUD Pairings (Bitcoin.com)
BCH Payment Processor Bitek Allows Colombian Merchants to Convert to Pesos (Bitcoin.com)
German Bank and Steel Conglomerate Execute Forex Transaction via Blockchain (Coin Telegraph)
More Americans Will Turn to Crypto If Fed Relaxes Post-2008 Measures, Analysts Say (Coin Telegraph)
Mining Malware Continues To Dominate Cybersecurity Threats By Seeking Out New (Coin Telegraph)
The Sweet Smell of Success: Unilever-Owned Schmidt’s Naturals Adds Bitcoin as Payment (Bitcoinist)
Zimbabwe High Court Reverses Central Bank’s Cryptocurrency Ban (Bitcoin.com)
ShipChain Pushes Back Against Securities Violations Claims (Coindesk)
Kepler Pre-Sale White Listing Now Underway (Bitcoinist)