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Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Main Street Adopts Bitcoin Ahead of Wall Street (Bitcoin.com)
Too Much Information: Securing the Ethereum Network Coming to a Gridlock? (Cryptovest)
Chinese Prosecutors Charge 4 More People over Alleged $2B OneCoin Scam (Cryptovest)
TradingView is Booming But Crypto Offering is Still Lacking (Bitcoinist)
Vernam: The World’s First 0% Commission Insurance on Blockchain (Cryptovest)
Coinbase Acquires Decentralized ERC-20 Trading Platform Paradex (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin Faces Drop to $7K as Bull Defense Crumbles (Coindesk)
US Department of Justice, CFTC Probe Crypto Market Manipulation: Report (Coindesk)
IBM to Hire 1,800 Employees in France for Blockchain, IoT, AI (Cryptovest)
PR: Energi Mine Adds to Ecosystem of Energy Saving Partners with Simply EV Partnership (Bitcoin.com)
India Seeks 18% Tax On Cryptocurrency Sales In Potential Legitimacy Push (Bitcoinist)
Bitcoin Price Woes Continue at $7,500 Support Level is Obliterated (The Merkle)
Craig Wright Ousted from Meeting with Jack Liao, Founder of Bitcoin Gold (Cryptovest)
Russian Duma Adopts Three Crypto Bills on First Reading (Bitcoin.com)
BIT.GAME -­‐ A Single Spark Can Start A Prairie Fire (Bitcoinist)
Manufacturing and Blockchain: Prime Time Is Yet to Come (Coindesk)
Project Targets Fraud in Advertising With Performance-Driven Smart Contracts for Campaigns (Coin Telegraph)
Memority ICO Aims to Bring You the Most Secure Cloud Storage (Cryptovest)
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Sued for Banning Cryptocurrency (Bitcoinist)
SEC Chairman Applauds ‘Operation Crypto-Sweep’ (Bitcoin.com)
3 Reasons Ivy Partnering with Talenta Is a Good Thing (Bitcoinist)
Price Boost Ahead? John McAfee Invited to Support Bitcoin Private (BTCP) (Cryptovest)
India Might Impose Goods and Services Tax on Crypto Trading (Cryptovest)
China Using Blockchain to Help Fight Poverty in Tibet (Bitcoinist)
Darknet Market Rapture Has Been Down for a Week — Users Grow Leery (Bitcoin.com)
Bet vs. Buy? The ICO Market Has a Serious East-West Divide (Coindesk)
Coinbase Announces Launch of Coinbase Pro, Paradex Acquisition (Coin Telegraph)
Weiss Ratings: Cryptocurrency Will Become ‘Fundamentally Safer’ Than Banks (Bitcoinist)
Exchanges Round-Up: Coinbundle Approved for Licensing in PH, MAS to Review Regulations, (Bitcoin.com)
American Express Integrates Blockchain To Its Membership Rewards Program (Coin Telegraph)
IBM Announces 1,800 New Jobs in France In Blockchain, AI, and IoT Within Next Two Years (Coin Telegraph)
From Russia with Love: How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are Finding Their Feet (Bitcoinist)
Indian Government Considering 18% Retroactive Tax on Crypto Trading, Mining (Bitcoin.com)
CoinJanitor and Deadcoins.com Join Forces to Clean Up Crypto (Bitcoinist)
Coinbase Takes Another Step Toward Trading ICO Tokens by Acquiring Paradex (Bitcoin Magazine)
Tom Lee Holds to $25,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction, Cites Three Supporting Factors (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin in Politics: Fellow Democrats Clash Over Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations (Bitcoinist)
Norway and England Contemplate Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin.com)
Tim Draper: Blockchain Could Free Individuals From Inefficient Governments (Coin Telegraph)
Coinbase Is Rebranding Its Crypto Exchange Service (Coindesk)
Argentinian Bank Allows Cross-Border Payments with Bitcoin (Bitcoin Magazine)
Coinbase Acquires Paradex, Set to Offer DEX Crypto Trading to Customers Outside the U.S. (Bitcoinist)
Decoin Announcing Pecunio as the First Company on Its $5m Crypto Index (Bitcoinist)
Altcoin Verge Hacked For Second Time In Two Months, Around $1.4 Mln Stolen (Coin Telegraph)
Circle Adds New Feature Allowing Newbies to ‘Buy the Market’ (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, TRON: Price (Coin Telegraph)
Three Detained Over Kidnapping With Bitcoin Ransom (Cryptovest)
Deutsche Boerse: We Are ‘Deep At Work’ Examining Bitcoin Before ‘Moving Forward’ (Coin Telegraph)
Switzerland Seeks Study on Issuing E-Franc Cryptocurrency (The Merkle)
Singapore Injects Good Vibes for Decentralized Exchanges (Cryptovest)