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Japanese Firm Mikan to Launch Bitcoin Cash Wallet ‘Yenom’ (Bitcoin.com)
Environmentally Friendly MoonLite Set to Disrupt the Crypto Mining Industry (Live Bitcoin News)
Jacob Salvador – CFO at Bitspace and Blockchain Specialist Advisor Joins Zerocoin – (Bitcoinist)
Abra Mobile App Adds 20 New Cryptocurrencies and ‘Stablecoin’ Technology (Bitcoin.com)
If Crypto Exchanges and ICO Teams Only Had a Brain... (Coindesk)
‘Nobody Cares About Bitcoin Anymore,’ Claims Article About Bitcoin (Bitcoinist)
Square Merchants Love Bitcoin! New Survey Shows More than 60% Would Accept BTC in Lieu of (Bitcoinist)
Royal Bank of Canada Explores Blockchain to Automate Credit Scores (Coindesk)
Why AirPod is More Than Just A Quiet Capsule (Bitcoinist)
French Regulatory Agency Blacklists 15 Cryptocurrency And Crypto-Asset Websites (Coin Telegraph)
The Crown Prince of Liechtenstein Wants to Invest in Crypto (Coindesk)
Australian Taxation Office Reports Scammers Collecting Bitcoin On Its Behalf (Coin Telegraph)
Fusion Moves Blockchain Technology from Theoretical Analysis to Proper Implementation (Bitcoinist)
Thailand Delivers First Draft Of ‘Digital Asset’ Regulations (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin Thieves No Longer Just an Online Threat, How to Stay Safe (Coin Telegraph)
India’s HDFC Joins List Of Banks Banning Crypto Purchases Via Card (Coin Telegraph)
First Bitcoin Mainnet Lightning Network Product Launches As Developers Net $2.5 Mln (Coin Telegraph)
Majority of Merchants Using Square Inc. Technology Willing to Accept Bitcoin over USD (Bitcoinist)
Survey Says 60% of Square Merchants Are Willing to Accept Bitcoin (Bitcoin.com)
Cryptocurrencies as Portfolio Diversification: Systematic Hedge With Excellent Risk-Reward (Coin Telegraph)
South Korea Investigates Three Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Embezzlement (Live Bitcoin News)
South Korean FSC Cracks Down on Three Local Exchanges (Live Bitcoin News)
Gibraltar Plans to Regulate ICO Tokens as Commercial Products (Coindesk)
French Regulator Blacklists 15 Crypto Investment Websites (Coindesk)
Gambling Platform Betrium to Launch Main ICO After Raising More Than $1.2 Million During (Bitcoinist)
Soon There Will Be More Bitcoin Investors Than Stock Traders in Indonesia (Bitcoin.com)
Abra Adds Support For Numerous Altcoins Includign Dash, ZCash, and Stratis (Live Bitcoin News)
Google AdWords: ‘Ecosystem That Works For Everyone’, Except For A Lot Of Good People (Coin Telegraph)
Following ICOs, SEC Subpoenas Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds (Bitcoin.com)
Bankers Criticize Crypto, Always Goes Back to the Same Argument: Intrinsic Value (Coin Telegraph)
Specialist Trading Token ThinkCoin Launches for Financial and Crypto Markets (Bitcoinist)
This Controversial Project Could Make A Lot Of People Very Happy Soon (Bitcoinist)
Circle Co-Founder Says Recently-Acquired Poloniex Exchange Will Expand In Asia (Coin Telegraph)
New Stablecoins Backed by Gold and Silver Emerge (The Merkle)
Three South Korean Crypto Exchanges Raided for Diverting Funds (Bitcoin.com)
ALAX Presents Advantages for Game Developers (Bitcoinist)
Lightning Strikes! First Mainnet Beta Release Goes Live With $2.5M Seed Funding (Bitcoinist)
PR: BUSINESSCOIN – Decentralized Apps in Service of Hospitality, E-Commerce and Real (Bitcoin.com)
Abra Adds 18 New Cryptos for Mobile Investing (Coindesk)
UK Crypto Exchange Will Launch First ‘Physically Delivered’ Bitcoin Futures Next Month (Coin Telegraph)
Decred Sets Its Sights on Decentralization in 2018 (Bitcoin Magazine)
Crypto Influencers Is a Who’s Who of Crypto Twitter (Bitcoin.com)
New Kickstarter Aims to Get People Excited About Blockchain Development (The Merkle)
Ripple CEO Promotes Centralization, Puts Down SWIFT (Bitcoinist)
Florida Gov’t Agency Employee Arrested For Mining Crypto Using Dept. Computers (Coin Telegraph)
Ripple Price Prediction: A Closer Look at National Cryptos, the IMF & SROs (Profit Confidential)
Crypto Market Prices Continue to Fall Amid Increasing Regulatory Pressure (Coin Journal)
Coinbase To Congress: We Don’t Need More US Cryptocurrency Regulators (Bitcoinist)
Chat App Giant Telegram Bans Sanctioned Individuals, Territories From ICO – Report (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin Price Prediction: Don’t Panic Over the U.S. Senate Subcommittee Hearing on (Profit Confidential)