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BitConnect Faces Another Regulator, This Time in Ontario (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Snatching Blockchain, Tracking Bitcoin (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin Private Price Pump Continues as Market Cap Surpasses $1.1bn (The Merkle)
Bitcoin Struggles Above $9K as Bull Breakout Stalls (Coindesk)
Another Chinese City Is Backing a Big Blockchain Investment Fund (Coindesk)
Central Bank Of Iran Bans Banks From Crypto Dealings (Coin Telegraph)
‘Time to Get Back Into Crypto,’ Declares Socialite Gambler Dan Bilzerian (Bitcoinist)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Accelerates Rally, Expects Hard Fork for Larger Blocks (Cryptovest)
Telegram Urges Paper Airplane Protest, Pussy Riot Activist Arrested (Bitcoin.com)
Down Not Out: Revived Tezos Team Predicts Mega-ICO Will Launch In 2018 (Coindesk)
Softbank Eyes Carbon Emissions Cuts with Green Energy Blockchain Pilot (Coindesk)
Kasko2go ICO Seeks to Create a Reliable, Low-Cost Insurance Company (Cryptovest)
PR: Decentralized Exchange Decoin Launches Its Initial Coin Offering – Profit Sharing by (Bitcoin.com)
Minimum Bitcoin Trade Sizes Double at Goldman Sachs-Backed OTC Trading Desk (Bitcoinist)
Bullish Bitcoin Cash Price Momentum Remains in Place as $1,400 is Within Reach (The Merkle)
AI Crypto Aims to Put AI Industry on the Blockchain (Cryptovest)
Binance Not Allowing Dollar Trading After All, Cites “Fake News” (Cryptovest)
Monex CEO Says Japanese Exchanges May Experience Stronger Regulation (Cryptovest)
VeChain (VEN) Climbs Slowly, Boosted by LBank Exchange Volumes (Cryptovest)
Blockchain Platform Signs Deals To Boost Profitability Of Social Media Influencers (Coin Telegraph)
Philippine Insurance Watchdog Warns over Cryptocurrency Investments (Cryptovest)
Travel Booking Site CheapAir Is Switching Bitcoin Payment Processors (Coindesk)
Food Is the Next Frontier on the Blockchain Horizon (Bitcoinist)
NANO (XRB) Releases New Version, Added to Ledger Hardware Wallet Soon (Cryptovest)
Brazil’s Operação Lava Jato Paves The Way To Blockchain Implementation: Expert Take (Coin Telegraph)
The Rise and Fall of the National Crypto Movement (Coin Journal)
EOS: Seen Headed to $30, But Skeptics Eye it with Caution (Cryptovest)
Amazon Web Services Introduces Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain Templates (Bitcoinist)
Nasdaq-Listed Company Xunlei Faces Class-Action for Disguising ICO (Bitcoin.com)
Coinbase Shuts Down WikiLeaks’ Bitcoin Account; Retaliation Follows (Bitcoinist)
Nominee to New York Federal Reserve Claims That Crypto Isn’t Currency (Bitcoin.com)
AirPod is Making Traveling Fun Again (Bitcoinist)
Do Crypto Trading Bots Really Work? (Bitcoin.com)
US ‘Subway’ sandwich shop accept bitcoins (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin ransom to CryptoLocker malware (Coin Telegraph)
Senate will discuss potentials and threats of digital currency (Coin Telegraph)
First children`s book on alternative currency (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin Payments Are on the Rise in the Baltics (Bitcoin.com)
This Week in Bitcoin: Taxes, Forks, Pranks and Porn (Bitcoin.com)
Home Run or Swing and a Miss? Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers for the Week Ending April (Bitcoinist)
Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Prices Up Over 60% This Week (Bitcoin.com)
WikiLeaks Plans to Call for a Blockade of Coinbase After Its Store Is Shut Down by the (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin Versus Government Money: One is Clearly Superior (Bitcoin.com)
How Did Marijuana Coins React to 4/20? (The Merkle)
Why We Need to Start Expanding Financing Options for Home Ownership (Live Bitcoin News)
Bitcoin Price: Are Bitcoin Bulls Back in the Saddle? (Bitcoinist)
SEC Nabs Mastermind Behind Mayweather Endorsed ICO Centra (Cryptovest)
Converting Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash is Increasingly Popular on ShapeShift (Live Bitcoin News)
The Emergence of Mining as an Ecosystem (The Merkle)
Dubai’s Biggest Bank Officially Adopts Blockchain to ‘Cut Cheque-Related Fraud’ (Bitcoinist)