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Google Bans Cryptocurrency Ads, But Bitcoin Not Affected (Bitcoinist)
The Future Is Decentralized, at LocalCoinSwap (Live Bitcoin News)
How NBT and Weeve Are Solving the Scaling Issue of Ethereum (Bitcoinist)
This April the World Blockchain Forum Returns to Dubai (Bitcoin.com)
Circle Rolls Out Crypto Investment App in 46 US States (Coindesk)
Japan to Call for Crypto Rules at the G20 Summit (Bitcoin.com)
AI Crypto Opens AI Ecosystem Based on Blockchain (Bitcoinist)
Binance Is Launching Its Own Blockchain (Bitcoin.com)
Lightcash Announces Gold Backed ICO After Launch of Cryptocurrency Exchange That Will (Bitcoinist)
Price of Binance Coin Surges 25% Following Announcement (The Merkle)
Bitcoin Classes Are All the Rage for University Students in Chicago (Bitcoin.com)
Yurix Launches ICO Backed By Groundbreaking Video Advertising Platform That Allows The (Bitcoinist)
‘Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Destabilize the Global Economy’ Says Bank for (Bitcoinist)
What Should Be in an ICO White Paper? Expert Take (Coin Telegraph)
India Can’t Regulate Bitcoin Says Official (Bitcoin.com)
Japan, France & Germany to Ask G20 for Help Regulating Bitcoin (Bitcoinist)
Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Tax Calculator (Bitcoin.com)
Press Release: Bitplay Club Has Announced the Launch of Its 5-36 Blockchain-Based Lottery (Live Bitcoin News)
Blockchain Platform to Connect Self-employed Domestic Workers and Customers With No Fees (Coin Telegraph)
Businesscoin – Decentralized Apps in Service of Hospitality, E-commerce, and Real Estate (Bitcoinist)
Monero-Mining Calendar App Removed By Apple (Bitcoinist)
How Will MoneroV Affect Monero’s Privacy? (Live Bitcoin News)
No-Fork Guarantee? New Cryptocurrency Touts Resistance to Code Splits (Coindesk)
Coinbase Wallet Fixes SegWit Implementation Bug, Refunds Affected Users (Coin Telegraph)
Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car (Bitcoin.com)
Openbazaar Raises $5M from Investors Including Bitmain (Bitcoin.com)
IMF Chief Lagarde On ‘Dark Side’ Of Crypto: Blockchain is ‘Exciting’ But Needs (Coin Telegraph)
5 Things the SEC Wants You to Know About ICOs (Bitcoinist)
R3 v. Ripple Lawsuit To Be Decided In NY As XRP Loses Its Appeal To CA Court (Coin Telegraph)
US: Wyoming Set Precedent By Creating New Asset Class For Cryptos, Hopes to Inspire Feds (Coin Telegraph)
Binance Announces a Decentralized Trading Platform (Live Bitcoin News)
New York Legislator Proposes BitLicense Alternative for Cryptocurrency Users (Bitcoin Magazine)
Crypto Community Leader and FinTech Authority Samson Lee Joins Advisory Board of the (Bitcoinist)
XinFin Ties up with KoinOK.com, Gets Its Utility Token XDCE Listed on One of India’s Top (Bitcoinist)
World’s Central Bank: Crypto Could Risk Bank Runs (Bitcoin.com)
Global Cryptocurrency Volume Down 75% from January High (The Merkle)
Blockchain-based Streaming Platform Play2Live Successfully Broadcasted World’s First (Bitcoinist)
NEM Rises 19 Percent as Coincheck Reimburses Customers and Resumes Limited Trading (Coin Journal)
EOS, Cardano and Tezos: Sleeping Giants Starting to Stir (Bitcoin.com)
European Central Bank: Bitcoin ‘Not The Answer To Cashless Society’ (Bitcoinist)
PR: Credits.Energy – New Revolutionary Cryptocurrency with Mobile Mining App Aims to (Bitcoin.com)
Binance Unveils New Blockchain to Support Decentralized Crypto Exchange (Coindesk)
Bitplay Club Has Announced the Launch of Its 5-36 Blockchain-Based Lottery (Bitcoinist)
The Role of Blockchain in the Food Supply Chain (The Merkle)
Bitmain Explores More Sites for Bitcoin Mining Expansion (Bitcoin Magazine)
Survey Finds South Korean Youth the Most Active Crypto-Investors (Bitcoin.com)
FashionTV Jumps on the ICO Bandwagon (The Merkle)
Ripple Price Prediction: Market Conditions Improve for Enterprise Blockchains (Profit Confidential)
Running Up That Hill: Here Are All Members of Congress Involved in Crypto (Coin Telegraph)
Cryptocurrency Mining at Home Heats Up With Eco-Friendly Miner (Bitcoin Magazine)