Bitcoin News Web - Top Stories From The Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Sources (Page 8)

Bitminer Factory ICO Kicks Off on July 21, 2018, with 12% Discount (Cryptovest)
Singaporean CrimsonLogic Launches Blockchain Service for Shipping, Logistics (Cryptovest)
Coinbase Retracts Announcement of Regulatory Approval to List Coins Considered Securities (Coin Telegraph)
Bitmain to Open Brazil Office, Reportedly Changes Silicon Valley Location (Cryptovest)
No, Coinbase Didn’t Actually Get SEC Approval (Bitcoinist)
Mastercard Files Patent for Payment System Linking Blockchain Currency, Fiat Accounts (Coin Telegraph)
Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Hopes for Positive Effects of WEG Bank Stake (Cryptovest)
IBM Backs the Development of Latest New Stablecoin, Stronghold USD (Bitcoin.com)
Ardor (ARDR) Coin Spikes on Binance Listing (Cryptovest)
Ethereum Price: USD Uptrend is Negated by BTC Ratio Loss (The Merkle)
Québec Charging Cryptocurrency Miners Double for Electricity (Bitcoinist)
Coinsmart Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange for Canadian Tax Payers (Bitcoin.com)
Ethereum (ETH) Gas Station Taken Over by Mysterious WPKG Token (Cryptovest)
Cryptocurrencies Join Curriculum for Key Financial Analyst Certification (Cryptovest)
MasterCard Wins US Patent for Faster Crypto Payments (Cryptovest)
Blockchain Trade Finance Platform Set to Launch In Hong Kong (Bitcoinist)
Bitcoin (BTC) Gains $600 in One Hour, What Sent BTC Back to the Moon? (Cryptovest)
Bitcoin Miner Scam from Kodak Licensee Shut Down by SEC (Bitcoinist)
Hedge Fund Issues Bearish Call on Ethereum and Sides with BTC (Bitcoin.com)
Stellar Becomes ‘First’ Sharia-Certified Blockchain for Payments And Asset (Coin Telegraph)
5 Altcoins to Look Out For this Summer (Bitcoinist)
Litecoin Founder Says in ‘Best Case’ Recent Bank Stake Could Result in Crypto Services (Coin Telegraph)
The King is a Fink (Bitcoinist)
American Express Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Proof-of-Payment System (Bitcoinist)
Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses (Bitcoin.com)
Japan Revamps Financial Regulatory Agency to Address Issues in FinTech, Cryptocurrencies (Coin Telegraph)
3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Programmed to Pump (Bitcoinist)
Blockchain Evolutions in Switzerland: Voting and Banking (Coin Telegraph)
What to Expect When Congress Talks Crypto (Twice) Tomorrow (Coindesk)
Civic Is Turning Identity.com Into a Crypto-Powered Personal Data Market (Coindesk)
Canada’s Large Credit Union Coalition Joins Blockchain Consortium R3 (Coin Telegraph)
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Head-and-Shoulders Reversal Pushes New Highs (Bitcoin Magazine)
Hydro-Quebec Can Charge Bitcoin Miners Twice the Regular Electricity Price (Live Bitcoin News)
Post-Flood Reflections Reveal Insights Into Lives of Sichuan Miners (Bitcoin.com)
Canada’s Rivemont Crypto Fund Holds 90 Percent of Its Assets in Fiat (Coin Telegraph)
PayPal’s Peter Thiel and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu Invest in EOS Publisher Block.one (Bitcoinist)
Embleema Launches Public Beta of Personal Health Records Blockchain (Coin Journal)
Bitminer Factory – Co-Locating Cryptocurrency Mining Operations and Renewable Energy (Coin Journal)
IBM is Working on a Stablecoin Backed by the US FDIC (Live Bitcoin News)
Op Ed: Addressing the Threat of Cryptomining Malware (Bitcoin Magazine)
Change.org Launches Screensaver That Mines Crypto for Charity (Bitcoin.com)
Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes to Nearly $7,300 (The Merkle)
Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: Buy At Least 1 Bitcoin… Before Litecoin (Bitcoinist)
Stronghold and IBM Collaborate to Launch FDIC-Insured Stablecoin on Stellar (Bitcoin Magazine)
Cryptocurrency Regulation and Liquidity Improvements Will Pave the Way for Institutional (The Merkle)
Bitcoin Price LIVE: Bullrun in Cards As ETF HYPE Fuels Unprecedented RISE (Bitcoinist)
Kevin O’Leary Favors Ethereum Over a Potential Bitcoin ETF (Live Bitcoin News)
IBM, Columbia University to Establish Blockchain & Data Transparency Center (Cryptovest)
Canada’s Large Credit Union Coalition Joins R3 Consortium (Cryptovest)
Stellar Gets Bahrain’s Sharia Certification for Payments and Asset Tokenization (Cryptovest)